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Population & Housing Census Logo Winner

News Update

Against the backdrop of the current COVID-19 outbreak, the Central Statistical Office (CSO) wishes to announce that after thorough consultations with relevant officials and on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer, the 2020 National Population and Housing Census will be postponed until further notice.

Press Release of March 20th, 2020 - Postponement of 2020 National Population and Housing Census (PDF - 90 KB)

Click here to watch the Interview with Census Director - Sean C. Mathurin

Postponed - St. Lucia Population and Housing Census 2020 Official Flyer

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Population & Housing Census Logo Winner

Logo Competition Winner:

Mr. Shane Charlery

Mr. Shane Charlery (Graphic Designer), after being successful in the logo competition, provides some insight as to his creative thought process in producing the logo.

Slogan Competition Winner (School's Competition):

Mr. Kurt Reynolds 

The Future is Counting on You

Slogan Competition Winner (People's Choice):

Mr. Kurt Reynolds

Konté Sent Lisi

Curious about St. Lucia previous census results?

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