Overview of the website

Welcome to the new website of The Central Statistical Office of Saint Lucia. Below you will find an overview of the website with screenshots to help you find the information you are looking for.

The homepage is broken down into six blocks to help you navigate through the site.

The slideshow highlights events, upcoming surveys and newly-released data.
The slideshow, source of recent information.


The indicators bring you quickly to important data sources, simply by following the link on the indicator. Note that you can find more indicators when you select “More indicators.”


The “Subjects” block lists all subjects with available statistical information. By clicking on a subject, you access all information related to that specific subject including data tables, analytical reports, and reference and methodology material.
List of the subjects on the website.


The bottom part of the page features noteworthy elements such as videos, specific surveys and publications.
Features at the bottom of the content area.


Navigation menu bar
If you scroll back up, you will immediately notice the top navigation menu bar with a blue background. Let’s go over each menu item one at a time.
Navigation menu bar


Subjects menu item
Here you can see the “Subjects” menu item. The statistical information on the website has been grouped into nine subjects. Where applicable, the subject will display all data tables, analytical reports, and reference and methodology material. The information here is the same as the information you can find by clicking directly on a subject from the list on the homepage.
The Subjects button with its sub-menu


Data menu item
If you are looking for specific data, simply select the next menu item, which is “Data.” You can dive into databases, or find data tables grouped by subject.
Maps and shapefiles are also available.
You can also ask for specific data by clicking on the “Request data” button.
The Data button with its sub-menu.


Publication menu item
The “Publication” menu item includes all publications, analytical reports and bulletins.
The Publications button.



Methods menu item
The “Methods” page is divided into three categories: Classifications, Questionnaires and Metadata.
The Methods button with its sub-menu items.



Census menu item
The “Census” page gives access to the 2010 Census and 2001 Census databases.



Surveys menu item
The “Surveys” page gives access to frequently asked questions on active and inactive surveys. Some of the surveys have videos that will explain why and how some of the surveys are done.
The Surveys button and its sub-menu items.



About us menu item
Under “About us” you will learn about our vision, our mission and organizational structure.
The About us button.



Contact us menu item
In the “Contact us” menu item, you will be able to send us your queries, feedback and even data requests.

Please note that our address, opening hours, email address and telephone numbers are also available.

The Contact us button.


Finally, in the footer area, you will find legal notices and important links, including one leading to the main portal of the Government of Saint Lucia.

You also have access to the “Contact us” form and our social media platforms.

The Footer area of the website.

Thank you for browsing this page. We hope you have found it helpful.